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Dear Perry,

This letter is to compliment you on your truly outstanding staff and the pleasure I had in meeting your Team, at the Landscape Congress in Toronto, in January.

I have been in the transition of moving from an executive position with a large consulting firm, to something I know will make my heart and soul passionate - pond building! Your staff have been so friendly, patient and understanding, (they listen better than any customer service/product representatives I have ever met!) and have helped me in so many ways.

Rita is particular, is really outstanding, hang on to her, she represents your company with such pride, knowledge and customer service.

I have included a special card for her and I thought it would be extra special, if you gave it to her yourself. Thanks!

Additionally, Chuck has also been terrific! He knows his product and he spent a great deal of time with me at the conference, explaining and re-explaining the pond business. Chuck is a wonderful asset to your organization - hang onto him too!

I'll see you in the East Coast, and I can hardly wait! Congratulations on your amazing people.

- Caroline Martin, Toronto, Ontario

This is a short letter from Carol Reynolds. We have talked on the phone often about Aquascape and how I can keep my beautiful pond in top top shape and you have helped me a lot over the phone, but as I am new to being a pond owner I need all the help I can get, as my pond is not little. I am sending you some pictures of our pond, the pond in the picture is only six months old. We have six mature fish and a lot of little fish and they are all doing very well. I need to order some of your products for algae and to keep the pond clear, so hopefully you will suggest as to what I should get for the pond to start up in the spring. I know that in the spring I will need some help so hopefully you can help me. Thank you again for all your help and I shall be contacting you soon. I really hope you like the pictures of my pond, myself and me neighbours think they live up north.

- Carol Reynolds


I forgot to let you know that the system was bought from Connon Nursery and Phil Zylstra was the person who installed the pond. I am sending his business card. Hopefully, you will enjoy the pictures of my pond. Please get back to me.

- Carol Reynolds

Dear Mr. Molema,

I would like to extend my gratitude for all of your help with bringing us into the business of waterscaping into pools. We are finding that more customers are anxious to bring naturally relaxing water-scapes to their own backyards. With your help, we are now able to do this for our customers.

Again, thank you for so generously sharing your skills and knowledge.

- Robert E. Smith - Hemlock Landscaping - PA, USA

Just a short letter to let you know how much we love installing and using the Aquascape filtration system. WE find the system not only keeping our ponds clear, but easy to install. We have attended a seminar where Greg Wittstock was the speaker, bought his book, and studied all the pond videos. We have learned so much about ponds, and are hoping it becomes our little niche for this area.

I talked to you about a month ago, and you mentioned that I could send you some pictures of ponds that we have installed and a business card. You said that you would post these pictures on your internet site as a listing for our area. I am sending you some pictures, including one of our own pond in hopes that you will still do this for us. If you have any questions please call anytime.

- Neil & Shelley Herrewynen, Keen Landscaping, Simcoe, Ontario.



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Bog Plants...

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Many gardeners - even pond owners - are unaware of the wide variety of bog plants available.

Here are a few bog plant favourites:

Blue Flag Iris
Bottlebrush Sedge
Cardinal Flower
Curly Rush
Egyptian Papyrus
Great Blue Lobella
Joe-Pye Weed
Marsh Marigold
Cutleaf Coneflower
Spike Gayfeather
Swamp Milkweed
Sweet Flag