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Development Of The Skimmer...


It all began with a garbage can! We retrofitted an old garbage can with wheels to act as a skimmer. It did a good job skimming but did not last long. The rubber sides caved in soon after installation. We reinforced the outside with a wooden structure but soon found out the pump was too deep to service!

We began experimenting with different containers since we became frustrated at the many different problems each one had.

Eventually we used these "experimental" filters to mold a filter with our own specifications. Because we wanted them to be strong, they were made out of fiberglass. The only downside to these new filters was how much they cost to make.

Working with a molding engineer, we worked on a way to mold them using reinforcing ribs to prevent collapse. The skimmers worked beautifully!

After years of legal paperwork we are proud to say our skimmer filters are patented and molded and sold in the thousands!




  • Compatible with both mini/standard BIOFALLS®.
  • Handles pumps from 1000-5000 GPH
  • Pond sizes from 4x6 to 16x16

Standard Skimmer


markerEliminates routine maintenance for you by removing debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pond.

markerAllows pond construction in any location, even directly beneath trees

markerHides the pump and plumbing from view alongside your pond instead of in the pond.

markerWon't drain the pond if a leak develops in the plumbing or waterfalls. The water can only be pumped to the bottom of the skimmer opening.

markerThe pump is easily removed by loosening one screw on the discharge piping above the water line.

markerHigh density polyethylene construction assures strength with extreme durability.

markerActs as a prefilter to other filters removing solids before they can reach and clog the second filter. Excellent prefilter for biological filter where maximum dissolved oxygen levels are required.**

markerKeeps the pump free from clogging by trapping waste in a catch area before it reaches the pump.

markerAdaptable for pump sizes ranging from 300 gph to 9,000 gph.**

markerRequires only two to three minutes every other week to clean while standing outside the pond.


  • Compatible with standard BIOFALLS®
  • Handles pumps from 5000 GPH to 10,000 GPH
  • Pond sizes from 16x21 to 26x26

Large Skimmer


  • Compatible with Grande BIOFALLS®
  • Handles pumps up to 20,000 GPH
  • Pond sizes 30x30 and up

Grande Skimmer

  • Bottom wedge eliminates need for center brace
  • Simple net rack at top of skimmer replaces PVC tubes and braces top against collapse
  • Greater stability against buildup of ground water pressure
**For optimal skimming ability we recommend pumps rated for 1000gph or greater.



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Pond Overflow...

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You can also make a dry well to accept the overflow water. To make a dry well, dig a 2' x 2' hole and line with underlayment, then fill it halfway with gravel. run the overflow pipe down into the gravel dry well and backfill. Now, when the pond overflows, the excess water will travel out the back of the skimmer and down the pipe to the dry well where the water will percolate through the gravel and into the ground. The overflow pipe must be run on a down slope.