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the pondless WATERFALL


System Attributes:

  • Great for customers who don't want a pond... just a waterfall and stream.
  • Perfect for public settings where child safety or the liabilities of a pond may be a concern.
  • Virtually maintenance free! Simply refill the reservoir every few weeks or add a water fill valve in the Snorkel™ Vault to compensate for water loss due to evaporation.
  • Great alternative for a front yard pond.
  • No ecological need to run the system continuously.

the pondless waterfall

This use of Aquascape Designs Snorkel™ Vault and Centipede™ Module allows for the creation of a waterfall and stream without a pond. Instead, a basin is excavated, lined with an EPDM liner and filled with layers of stone. Once the basin is filled with water, the water flows through the Centipede Module and is circulated by a pump that sits at the bottom of the Snorkel™ Vault. A notch at the top of the Snorkel™ Vault accommodates the flexible pvc pipe that carries the water up to a BIOFALLS® filter. The BIOFALLS® filter then returns the water to the reservoir via a waterfall. Since the water level remains below the rock and gravel fill, it gives the appearance of a "pondless" waterfall and stream yet provides plenty of water to run the waterfalls!

System Features:

  • Create up to a 16' stream and waterfall with the pondless waterfall kits.
  • The Snorkel™ Vault and Centipede™ Module technology, house the pump and circulate the water.
  • The waterfall simply disappears into a gravel bed planted with aquatic marginal plants.

Project Sizes Available:

  • MicroPondless™ Waterfall Kit creates a 4' waterfall cascading into a 4' x 6' basin.
  • MiniPondless™ Waterfall Kit creates to to a 12' meandering stream and cascading waterfall into a 6' x 6' basin.
  • Signature Series™ Pondless Waterfall Kit creates up to a 16' meandering stream and cascading waterfall into a 6' x 6' basin.

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MicroPondless Waterfall Kit

[ MicroPondless™ Waterfall Kit ]

Minipondless Waterfall Kit

[ MiniPondless™ Waterfall Kit ]


Pondless Waterfall Kit

[ Signature Series™ Pondless Waterfall Kit shown ]

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Did you know...?

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Thinking about not installing underlayment?...Think again! The liner is one of the largest investments in the pond kit, the product that should last the longest, and one of the most difficult to replace. For this reason, we feel the underlayment is worth its cost and provides a sense of security to the pond owner for years to come. Often, the underlayment is the first thing to get cut from the bid, because there needs to be a cost reduction. There may be a less expensive alternative, but the time that it takes to find and use it often adds up to more than what the underlayment would have cost in the first place!