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Mini Pond Kits

You can now eliminate the time, difficulty and guesswork of trying to educate yourself on how to assemble a pond kit! Now, all you need to choose is the pond size. The Mini Pond Kit is designed for people who want a low maintenance, hassle-free, professional looking water feature. High & Low Efficiency Pond Kit Size: 4x6, 6.8, 6x11, 8x11, 11x11, 11x16
Mini Pond Kit


Standard Pond Kits

Standard pond kits are primarily designed for people who want large ponds that require customization to fit a particular job site. Additionally, a larger standard BIOFALLS® capable of building bigger waterfalls and filtering more water is included. You can order as many filters or any size liner you want. High & Low Efficiency Pond Kit Sizes: 11x11, 11x16, 14x16, 16x16, 16x21, 21x21, 21x26, 26x26.
Standard Pond Kit


Grande Pond Kits

Grande systems are designed more for large-scale commercial and residential jobs. Capable of handling flow rates of up to 20,000 GPH, these systems now make tackling large projects easy. Put in tandem, a waterfall almost 9 feet across can be created! The skimmer can handle floating debris as large as 12 inches or greater in length.
Grande Pond Kit


SignatureSeries™ Pond Kits

Come complete with everything you need to build and maintain your pond. Multiple types of lights allow for a complete lighting system. 2" PVC allows maximum output of water to give you an incredible water flow. Removeable Rock Tray, adjustable faceplate and Faux Rock Lid.
Grande Pond Kit



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Tropical marginal plants can be treated as annuals or brought indoors during cold periods. Some will survive cold spells if kept below the water's surface. We recommend planting tropical marginal plants in their pots. This will allow you to remove the tropical aquatics from the pond before winter approaches.