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Pond Master

by Diana Martin Photo

Chuck Catton

Chuck Catton can now spend warm summer evenings listening to the water gently lap against his back porch as he looks out over a flowing stream and two waterfalls. Catton, a master pond builder, built his latest creation with the help of 50 others on Aquascape's Annual Build a Pond Day Friday. Catton, who works for Aquascape, has built 150 ponds all over Canada.



Dividing Aquatic Plants...

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Whether you're giving a well-needed boost to overgrown plants during a spring pond clean-out or dividing recently purchased plants, spring is a great time to divide your aquatic plants. Just knock your new plant out of the pot.

Then get ready to slice the rootball in half or quarters, depending on how full the plant is and how many new "plantlets" you have a need for. An old kitchen knife works great for cutting the rootball in half.

The benefit is additional plants to fill in some bare sports in your pondscape or to share with other water gardening friends, and a healthier plant that's ready for a new flush of green growth!