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Mission Statement...


Our mission is to change the way Canada builds ponds!

By working with Mother Nature not against her, we are able to provide you, the consumer, with a low maintenance, naturally balanced Eco-System.

Our environmentally friendly, holistic approach to water gardening, will create crystal clear water without the use of chemicals.

We only sell what we install, because we believe, this system is the very best in the marketplace today.

Our toll-free line is staffed with people who build ponds.

Phone us at 1-866-581-7663 to receive our latest Catalogue by mail.


Naturalizing Tips...

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To develop the look of a natural pond you can:

- Go with the native vegetation that thrives in your area.

- Repeat mass groupings using one or two kinds of plants, especially grasses and reeds.

- Surround your pond with trees and shrubs that naturally occur near water, like alders, river birches, dogwoods and willows.

- Plant vigorous natives in the shallow margins, and make sure the center of the pool is more than eighteen inches deep, so natives won't over run the pond.