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Bog System...


We've finally taken all the guesswork out of bog and wetlands construction. Our new constructed wetland filter "Snorkel and Centipede" are modular in design. They allow builders the flexibility to expand the system to meet their project's needs. Add an aeration system and a BIOFALLS©, to increase water quality and complete the system.

This is, by far, the most effective way to filter large water features. Simply put the pond size into the chart below for all of your products.

Ex: - 15,000 sq. ft. pond -- 1 snorkel with 6 centipedes, a 15' x 55'' liner, and a flow rate of 14,500 GPH.

Bog Centipede Module - 27 lbs.

Bog Snorkel Vault & Cap - 27 lbs.

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Snorkel Vault & Centipede Module

This filter is made of heavy-duty polyethylene and comes in six-foot sections which can be snapped together as needed!


Use a bed of gravel to adjust the pitch of the filter. It should slope towards the vertical clean-out (snorkel)

side view

TIP: If you put a snorkel between every fourth centipede, you can have up to 16 centipedes and get a flow rate of 40,000 GPH. This huge constructed wetland would require a 60' x 60' excavated area, and it would take 380 tons of gravel. This monster will filter a 2.5 million gallon pond with capacity to spare. The Pond Guy's™ pond, for example, is only 1 million gallons

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bog system in place

Bog System Size Requirements

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Bog Plants...

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Many gardeners - even pond owners - are unaware of the wide variety of bog plants available.

Here are a few bog plant favourites:

Blue Flag Iris
Bottlebrush Sedge
Cardinal Flower
Curly Rush
Egyptian Papyrus
Great Blue Lobella
Joe-Pye Weed
Marsh Marigold
Cutleaf Coneflower
Spike Gayfeather
Swamp Milkweed
Sweet Flag