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Evolution Of The Biofalls...


Green water and heavy waterfalls were the two biggest problems we had when we first began our pond construction business. We solved both with one single invention "THE BIOFALLS®". We were trying to find a way to build waterfalls that were simple, leak-proof, and most-of-all, looked natural. In addition we wanted to build a biological filter that only had to be cleaned once a year, wasn't cumbersome, and actually worked. We set out experimenting with different types of containers and varying installation techniques. Many prototypes later we came up with a design that was functional (filtering without leaks, and easy-to-install), to make beautiful custom waterfalls. Since no two rocks are alike as-well-as no two settings in nature, no two BIOFALLS® waterfalls resemble one another. Without the BIOFALLS®, our installations would take twice as long.



Mini Biofalls

  • Compatible with standard skimmer only
  • Filters ponds under 200 square feet
  • 2500 Gallons (approximately)

markerBIOFALLS® create a perfect base for building beautiful, leak-free waterfalls.

markerRequires only once a year cleaning when used in combination with a skimmer prefilter.

markerA non-clogging swirl chamber allows even disbursement of water aiding filtration and increasing waterfall width.

markerBIOFALLS® can be sunk into the ground for a stream effect or raised to create a greater water drop.

markerLarge volume capacity makes the BIOFALLS® one of the largest biological filters on the market today (holds more bacteria = cleaner ponds)

markerA built-in rock ledge allows this unit to be completely camouflaged our of sight.

markerRemove check valve at pump and the discharge acts as bottom drain to empty the BIOFALLS®.

markerThe BIOFALLS® is molded and comes with insertable grate drain to empty the BIOFALLS®.

markerSimple uncuttered design means that no moving parts can break.


  • Compatible with standard skimmer only
  • Filters ponds under 200 square feet.
  • 2500 Gallons (approximately)

Standard Biofalls



  • Compatible with Grande Skimmer.
  • Filters ponds 700 square feet and up.
  • Comes standard for use with 3" flexible PVC piping
  • Capable of filtering up to 10,000 gallons (approx.)

Grande Biofalls

  • New curved design increases structural strength provides a more natural shape, and increases filtering capabilities
  • New filter mat rack* eliminates the need for PVC support tubes

* also available for Standard and Mini BIOFALLS®




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Landscaping Your Waterscape...

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With a little thought, planning, and planting of the right plants in the right place, water gardens can provide year-round visual appeal and beauty.

Three Main Factors...

There are three factors to consider when choosing plants for the pond landscape. First and foremost, choose plants that look natural. you didn't create a natural-looking water garden to plant formally trimmed yews and boxwoods next to it.