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Plumbing Fittings
1.5" Coupling pic
2" Coupling pic
3" Coupling pic
1.5" Elbow pic
2" Elbow pic
3" Elbow pic
2" MPT x 1.5" Slip pic
2" MPT x 2" Slip pic
3" MPT x 3" Slip pic
2" x 3" Rubber Reducer Coupling pic
1.5" Ball Valve pic
2" Ball Valve pic
2" Bulkhead pic
3" Bulkhead pic
2" & 3" Manifold Kit pic
Pressure Relief Valve pic
1.5" Rubber Coupling pic
2" Rubber Coupling pic
3" Rubber Coupling pic
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Koi have a type of amplifying system called the Weberian Apparatus that other fish do not have. It consists of four pairs of bones called ossicles, which form a linkage connecting the inner ear to the swim bladder. This connection of the swim bladder's air chamber to the inner ear greatly improves the koi's ability to hear.