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Pond Accessories...


Aquascape 1500 Pump pic
Aquascape 3000 Pump pic
Aquascape 4500 Pump pic
Aquascape 7500 Pump pic
Aquascape 10000 Pump pic
AquaSurge™ 2500 Asynchronous Pump pic
AquaSurge™ 3000 Asynchronous Pump pic
AquaSurge™ 4000 Asynchronous Pump pic
AquaSurge™ 5000 Asynchronous Pump pic
AquaForce™ 1000 Solids Handling Pump pic
AquaForce™ 1500 Solids Handling Pump pic
AquaForce™ 2000 Solids Handling Pump pic
Filter Media
Grande BIOFALLS® Filter Mat pic
Mini BIOFALLS® Filter Mat pic
Standard BIOFALLS® Filter Mat pic
Skimmer Filter Mat pic
NurseryPro BioBalls™  
30 mil Polyethylene Liner - (For large jobs (ex. lake installations) pic
40 mil Polypropylene Liner - (For large jobs (ex. lake installations) pic
45 mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liner - Cut /Shipped from ADI pic
15' Wide Cut Piece of Underlayment pic
7.5' Wide Cut Piece of Underlayment pic
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Pump Tips...

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Choosing a pump for a water garden should be based on a few job requirements.

Desired flow, pumping height and electrical costs are all factors that need to be considered.

The higher a pump needs to push water the less flow you are going to get out of the pump.

The pond kits come with pumps sized to turn a pond over at least once an hour. If pumping height is close to maximum pump shut off height, substitute the next larger pump available.

High efficiency pumps are higher quality and will last longer and use less electricity. If project budget constraints are a concern, use a less efficiency pump.

Pumps should be run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep the ecosystem functioning properly.