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Pondless Waterfall Kit
The Pondless Waterfall Kit [ View Pondless Waterfall - how it works ] pic
Pondless Waterfall Centipede pic
Snorkel Extension pic
Pondless Centipede (Half Centipede) pic
Centipede Endcap pic
Bog Aeration and Lake Filtration
Constructed Wetland Centipede™ Filter [ View Bog System ] pic
Constructed Wetland Snorkel™ Filter w/Cap pic
Professional Aeration System [ View Lake Filtration System ] no pic
Aquascape Designs ProAir™1 pic
Standard Skimmer - 1.5" & 2" pic
Large Skimmer pic
Grand Skimmer pic
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Mother Nature Is An Expert...

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So, the basic answer to the question about how do ponds do in the winter this is...they do just fine as long as you know what to do to take care of them. In fact some of the most beautiful water garden landscapes you'll ever see occur during the months of December, January, February, and March. It's a year round deal that Mother Nature has been doing for a long, long time. Do it her way, and you'll have no problem.