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To Keep Your Waterfalls Running...

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Believe it or not, with ponds that pump at least 2000 gallons of water per hour, you can run your waterfalls throughout the winter without a problem, as long as it's run continuously. Moving water keeps the area around the waterfalls and skimmer open.

The reason that you may want to keep your falls running is that Mother Nature makes extraordinary, natural ice sculptures, icicles, and abstract formations if you five her the opportunity. In all reality, some of the most breathtakingly beautiful water garden photos we ever get are shot in the winter in the midst of a new snowfall.

You must however, be careful with ponds that have long, or slow-moving streams. In such cases, ice dams can form and divert water over the liner. In this case, we recommend that you observe your pond for the first season on extremely cold days, in order to be sure that everything is running smoothly.

Also, waterfalls operated through the winter will experience some evaporation. So periodically, check your water level and add water if necessary.