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20 Pond Myths Exposed...


Like any other culture in the world, the pondering culture has its own mythology which has grown and matured over the years. However, just because our ancestors always thought it was true, doesn't necessarily make it true. Here, 20 "old-wives tales" are examined and the facts set straight ... once and for all.


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Naturalizing Tips...

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To develop the look of a natural pond you can:

- Go with the native vegetation that thrives in your area.

- Repeat mass groupings using one or two kinds of plants, especially grasses and reeds.

- Surround your pond with trees and shrubs that naturally occur near water, like alders, river birches, dogwoods and willows.

- Plant vigorous natives in the shallow margins, and make sure the center of the pool is more than eighteen inches deep, so natives won't over run the pond.