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SPRING MEMO TO : Aquascape Pond Owners February , 2006

Winter has been gentle for most of us this year, and of course my waterfalls and pond have been operating all season. In fact my pump has been running since we installed the pond back in July 1998 nonstop 24 hrs 365 days a year.

Over the years my wife and I have had a chance to observe our pond, complete with fish, plants and predators over the four seasons. From our experience I can tell you that your pond will change with every season, just like any garden. This winter we have enjoyed the birds drinking from the stream to artistically formed ice around the waterfalls. A few days during mild spells our fish have even been swimming around looking for food. WE love our watergarden in all seasons, but my least favourite time is early spring.

The intent of this memo is to inform and educate our valuable customer, you. I would like to alleviate some panic that some of you may experience this spring when you discover the rampant growth of the dreaded string algae. This algae is actually beneficial in a sense that it consumes excess nitrates in the water just like bacteria. These bacteria will only survive and thrive in warm water over 50 degrees. As the ice melts and your pond thaws there will be no bacteria to compete against the algae growth. Aquatic plants also consume excess nutrients and compete with the algae. The problem is both bacteria and aquatic plants do not become active until the water begins to warm up, therefore an abundance of string algae will occur.

So what can you do? Do not add chemicals period! You can be patient and let Mother Nature take its course or your can physically remove it with a net or do a complete pond clean-out (refer to the pond owners manual).

I suggest to be patient, but to accelerate Mother Nature by adding bacteria to the pond once the temperature is consistently above 50 degrees. As your plants begin to grow and the bacteria start to colonize the algae will begin to diminish, not completely but in balance with the eco-system. As your fish start to become active you will want to feed them WRONG, fish have a sensitive digestive system and until the water is warm they will cruise around the pond grazing on the string algae, and this will help control the problem.

If you have to feed your fish, start them off with plain cheerios cereal, very easy on the digestive system. Remember it is never necessary to feed the fish!

Now we have a secret to share with you! Last year we experimented with barley straw to help control string algae WOW does it ever work! and it lasts all season long. The trick is to insert it early into the pond, because it does not matter when you put it in it will last all season so the sooner you install it the more value you get from it. This is a completely organic, natural and holistic solution. Barley straw is available in a filter mat form, which is installed in the bio-falls solution. Barley straw is available in a filter mat form, which is installed in the bio-falls or in a mesh bag, which also gets put into the bio-falls. If you own an Aquascape system you should be buying bacteria and barley straw for the season.

If you have owned your pond for 3 years or more the filter mats and skimmer net may need replacing as well. The light bulbs on the underwater lights last 3000 hrs usually after 3 years the bulbs will need replacing.

If you require a complete pond clean-out, again after 3 years this is recommended. We offer these services please call 519-352-5149 or toll-free 1-877-685-2466.

For out of town customers 48 hr shipping is available or for pickup, we are open 7 days a week beginning in March. [ Top ]

How To Keep That Pond Clear MOTHER NATURE"S WAY!!! - Call Us

  1. AquaClearer Extreme comes in three varieties - Dry, Liquid, and Cold Water Liquid
  2. String Algae Buster Extreme - this works wonders on that green angel hair type algae!
  3. Barley Bags - Eco Barley Pellets work well along with bacteria. [ Top ]

Happy Pondering!!!

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